Who am I?

My name is Zoé Brown. I was born in Belgium and now live on the Essex-Suffolk border in England with my husband and three children. I have different jobs, pretty much a different one each day of the week, with the exception of Monday when I am "airing cupboarding".

I am mesmerised by people; I love to hear the story behind the eyes. I believe we all have stories, we are made of them. They are often linked to those moments where life suddenly changes, shifts never to be the same again.

Years ago, I thought I would write. Sadly, my French isn't good enough anymore and my English isn't good enough yet. I am locked between two languages. One day, as I was tidying my airing cupboard, I started speaking to myself (as I often do!) and realised the acoustic was great: the sheets, towels and boxes creating a perfect sound bounce and absorption... a recording studio!Within a week, I had bought a second hand laptop and small microphones, I had designed my website, created a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram page... the airing cupboard was born.  It was on the 31st May 2019.

I have no background in audio or broadcasting and I am learning as I go. Bear with me as I try to hide the occasional gurgling stomach noises of my 'always hungry vis-à-vis' !

This is a non-commercial project. No ads, no income. Just for pure happiness and pleasure: mine and I hope my listeners'. 


London - United Kingdom

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